10 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

10 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


by arianna frascaOctober 23, 2018

Fall is all about pumpkins! Add some to your fall decor with no-carve pumpkin ideas that range from spooky to cute and chic. Because there’s no cutting involved, you can use either a real pumpkin for this season or use a fake pumpkin that you can keep for years to come—or redecorate next year.
No-carve pumpkin decors are a great seasonal project for all ages, and the pumpkins last much longer than when they are carved.

01. Marble Pumpkins

Use up some of your old nail polish colors to add a glam marble design to your pumpkins this Halloween with this lovely DIY from A Bubbly Life.

02. Floral Pumpkin
Decorate your pumpkin this Halloween with a crescent moon, using fresh white flowers to create a stunning pumpkin that would look lovely as a centerpiece on your dining table or beside your front door.

03. Splattered PumpkinsIf you’ve ever wondered what Jackson Pollock’s pumpkins would look like, this might be it.


04. Chalkboard PumpkinHere is a Halloween pumpkin decorating idea if you have young children. Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and let your child decorate the pumpkin with chalk.


06. Confetti Pumpkins
Create the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween party by painting it white and decorating it with festive gold-foil confetti.

07. Decoupage Pumpkin
Instead of attempting to paint or carve a design a pumpkin, cut out a black-and-white image of a bug and stick it to a gold pumpkin to create stunning a decoupage Halloween decor. From at the picket fence.

08. Office supplies pumpkin
Who knew office supplies could make such a colorful Halloween pumpkin? Make a playful pumpkin this year by inserting colored pushpins in a cheerful rainbow-dot pattern.

09. Monogram Pumpkin
Personalize your Halloween pumpkin by adding your initial in gold glitter. From unoriginal mom

10. Copper-Striped Pumpkins

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