"I have always thought that to create beautiful illustrations, you need to be surrounded by a beautiful environment and a beautiful space to work in." No wonder the studio of Australian fashion artist Megan Hess, who has worked on projects with Fendi and Prada, is nothing short of gorgeous with plenty of inspiration to go around. It's even more amazing considering the space was formerly a financial business wit dark interiors, a "nightmare", describes Hess.

Her current Melbourne studio, which was completely gutted and designed herself, is quite the opposite: bright, white, and calming.

Most of the furniture os custom built, but throughout you'll find little collectibles Hess has collected during her travels, including everything from a giant head of David to a statue of the Chrysler building (her favorite building in New York).


"I really wanted the whole space to feel almost like a mix between a gallery, an office and a beautiful apartment," she says.

Hess and her team utilize the studio for creating and laying out concepts and sketches for various projects. It also serves as a beautiful canvas to display her original artwork for when clients come to visit.

"That’s another reason we kept everything white, so the artwork can speak for itself." Hess says she has always had a passion for interior trends.

In 2015, she actually designed her first large scale interior design project with Australian-based developer Mirvac. They created the ultimate fashion interior of a two-story penthouse in Melbourne, complete with Fendi couches and a framed portrait of Christian Dior.

Among the mix of electric items in Hess' workspace are art books, candles, and perfumes from different projects she's worked on, along with bespoke cushions on the sofas.

Even her desk is adorned with various trinkets, from gold antlers to a Timothy Richards architectural model; yet it all manages to come together effortlessly.

Another special treasure Hess has on display: a Swarovski crystal glass slipper, which was a gift from Disney after she worked on sketches of Cinderella’s dress and costumes.

But her most prized possession in her office would be none other than her pen, which she affectionately calls Monty. Custom made by Montblanc for her drawing and writing style, she relies on it to create all her one-of-a-kind illustrations.


The best part about Hess' studio, is that the design scheme is easy enough to achieve on your own.

"What’s great about having a white base is that you can really interchange items you have to give it a completely different look every few months," Hess says. Above all else, be sure to stick with items that hold special meaning for you. "Your office should be filled with things that make your heart sing, that just brighten your day while you’re working," she adds.

After all, your work space should leave you feeling inspired, should it not? Scroll down to get more of that creative decor from Hess' studio.

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